ArtRight 6 PCS Compressed Charcoal and Graphite Stick Set for Drawing & Sketching – 6 Assorted Charcoal Sticks (2 Hard, 2 Medium, 2 Soft) for Artists & Professionals – Black…



About this item

  • What’s in the box : ArtRight’s Assorted Compressed Charcoal Graphite Sticks for Artists & Professionals is a great item for sketching enthusiasts. This package includes 6 assorted graphite sticks in 2 hard, 2 medium, and 2 soft levels of texture for light to dark gradients.
  • Multipurpose : The compressed charcoal stick is ideal for creating dramatic, bold lines and textures in your drawings. It is great for sketching, shading, and adding depth to your artwork. The compressed charcoal stick is black in color, which makes it perfect for creating dark, rich tones in your drawings and sketches.
  • Specifications : The 6 assorted graphite sticks are perfect for creating a wide range of tones in your drawings. The 2 hard sticks are great for creating precise lines and details in your artwork. The 2 medium sticks are perfect for shading and adding depth to your drawings, while the 2 soft sticks are ideal for creating darker tones and adding texture.
  • High Value for Money : The best sketching sticks available in the market for artists, students and beginners. Get the best out of your artistic expedtitions from our 6pcs graphite sticks for sketching and drawing.
  • Eclectic Uses : 6 Assorted Graphite Sticks for Artists & Professionals is an excellent investment for anyone who loves to work with charcoal and graphite. It includes all the essential tools you need to create stunning artwork, and it allows you to experiment with different techniques and styles. From Doodling, to Drawing to Sketching to Free Hand, you can experiment various styles of art, courtesy of these sticks.


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