ArtRight Flat Wash Artist Paintbrush Set of 1/2, 1 and 2 Inch – Professional Grade Exclusive Black Synthetic Bristles, Handmade – For Acrylic and Watercolor

HSN : 96033010

Colour Flat Brush 1/2-1-2 Inch
Material Wood
Size 1/2-1-2 Inch
Brand ArtRight
Handle Type Oval



About this item

  • Professional Brush Set for Painting – This artist paint brush set will undoubtedly give your paintings a new level of finesse and control, whether you’re a professional painter seeking for new art supplies or a beginner just starting to enjoy painting. Flat wash brushes come in sizes 1, 1.5, and 2.
  • Sturdy and Durable : The paintbrush is of premium quality and made of fine synthetic bristles are all included in the construction of this paintbrush set. Excellent workmanship, individually handcrafted, and double-crimped. No compromise in the performance or look, made for long-term use.
  • These art brushes are constructed from the finest synthetic fibres and have been selected for a Wide Range of Applications. They are ideal for acrylic, gouache, and watercolour paintings. The best use for wash brushes is for swiftly covering vast areas of canvas or paper. It is helpful for soaking the surface, laying in broad regions of water or colour, and absorbing extra media.
  • Simple to Upkeep – After using your paint brushes for acrylic, gouache, or watercolour paintings, it is quite convenient to wash them in warm, soapy water and reshape the paintbrush tips with your fingers. Dry the brushes on the air and keep them upright in the carrying container for extended use. Each time you use a brush, the meticulously chosen bristles will properly spring back.
  • Every ARTRIGHT product is uniquely created by knowledgeable Indian artisans, making each one unique. The human experience is expressed via art at ARTRIGHT. We strive to make our art supplies available to everyone as a result. Additionally, our products make wonderful presents for children, friends, beginners, novices, artists, and anybody who appreciates painting.




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