ArtRight 12 x 12ml Gouache Paint Set with Free Paint Brush – Artist Quality – 12 Premium Gouache Colors for Acrylic, Gouache & Multimedia Painting – (12ml ; 0.4oz)

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ArtRight 12 x 12ml Gouache Paint Set with 1 Free Painting Brush.

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About this item

  • High Value Gouache Color Set : The ArtRight Gouache Paint Set includes 12 vibrant and highly pigmented colors of 12ml tubes, providing artists with a comprehensive selection of hues for their mixed media paintings.
  • Wide Range of Applications : The non-toxic gouache paints can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, and fabric. This versatility makes them ideal for a range of projects, including painting, illustrations, and calligraphy.
  • Rich Pigmentation : High pigment load for rich and intense colors that stay vibrant even when diluted.
  • Rewettable Paints for best results : Rewettable paints for easy blending and layering techniques. These gouache paints are ideal for mixed media painting projects, allowing artists to achieve opaque and vibrant effects.
  • Comes with free paint brushes : This set includes 4 free paint brushes of various sizes, making it easy to create a variety of strokes and textures in your artwork.

Can be used on : Paper, Canvas, Cloth, Fabric.

Used for : Gouache Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Mixed-Media Paintings.

Features :

1) Rich Pigmentation : Premium quality shades with high pigmentation on colors ensures high quality work.
2) 12 Different Shades to Use : This set has all the necessary colors required for an artist to make art. From warm shades to monochrome to colder tones, this set is an artist’s must have.
3) Can be used by all skill levels : Our ceramic color is suitable for artists, painters, amateurs, beginners, teenagers, students, kids, hobbyists. With a nice packaging box, it’s an ideal gift for any art lover.
4) Art Tips : Cover the colors with their respective caps once you are done using the colors to prevent them from drying.

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Dimensions 40 × 21 × 2 cm


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