Daniel Smith Extra Fine Essentials Introductory Watercolor, 6 Tubes, 5ml



DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of Beautiful Watercolors for Artists Worldwide, and makes the largest range of watercolors of any manufacturer, more than 240 colors. The 240+ color collection includes the exciting PrimaTek watercolors made from minerals (like Amethyst) plus other unique colors (like Moonglow) not available elsewhere, and Luminescent Watercolors which allow artists to capture the luminescent colors that exist in nature that regular watercolors cannot capture!

in nature that regular watercolors cannot capture!
The DANIEL SMITH Essentials Watercolor Set has six, 5ml watercolor tubes that are just the right size to get started painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors for both the beginner and professional artist. The set gives artists an easy way to experience the excitement of painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, is conveniently sized to take along for plein air painting, and makes great gift!

The Essentials Set has three cool primary colors: Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose, and Phthalo Blue (GS), and three warm primary colors: New Gamboge, Pyrrol Scarlet, and French Ultramarine.

With the 6 colors in the set, you can mix a huge range of other colors including the secondary oranges, greens and violets. When mixing these 6 essential colors in different combinations, you can paint landscapes, still lifes, portraits…whatever you choose!

Mixing colors is one of the foundations of painting, and DANIEL SMITH has made painting easy by selecting for you, these 6 colors. Get started painting with the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Essentials Set!


Daniel Smith


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