Daniel Smith Extra Fine Primatek Introductory Watercolor, 6 Tubes, 5ml



DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of Beautiful Watercolors for Artists Worldwide, and makes the largest range of watercolors of any manufacturer, more than 240 colors. The 240+ color collection includes the exciting PrimaTek watercolors made from minerals (like Amethyst) plus other unique colors (like Moonglow) not available elsewhere, and Luminescent Watercolors which allow artists to capture the luminescent colors that exist in nature that regular watercolors cannot capture!
The DANIEL SMITH Watercolor PrimaTek Set is designed to introduce watercolor artists to 6 of the unique, and exciting DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors which are made from minerals. Most of the minerals made into paint offer unusual granulating effects which some artists have called magical! The set is also conveniently sized to take along for plein air painting and makes a great gift to give to artists.
This set of six, 5ml tubes of PrimaTek watercolors includes: Rhodonite Genuine, Jadeite Genuine, Amethyst Genuine, Mayan Blue Genuine, Hematite Genuine and Piemontite Genuine.
The names of the paints come from the actual mineral that they are made from, for example, Amethyst Genuine Watercolor is made from crushed Amethyst. You will love how brilliant these colors, made from minerals, flow across your paper and they mix beautifully with other colors too.
DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors (a collection of 37 colors) are unique paints made with mineral pigments, many are semi-precious minerals, mined from the earth, finely processed and made into the beautiful DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors for artists everywhere!


Daniel Smith


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