BRUSTRO Artists’ Coloured Pencils Pastel Tone Set of 36 (in Elegant tin Box)



  • Brustro Set of 36 Pastel Tone Colour Pencils is a sophisticated collection of muted tones colour pencils, housed in a premium tin box packaging that adds a touch of elegance. These exquisite colour pencils are encased in a special black poplar wood, elevating the aesthetic appeal and ensuring durability.
  • Crafted with precision, the soft wax-based cores of these pencils deliver delicate muted tones that are perfect for creating nuanced and subtle artwork. The pencils come pre-sharpened, allowing one to dive into the creative process right away. Their unique square barrel not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds a distinctive charm to the drawing tools.
  • With a smooth laydown and the ability to blend seamlessly, these colour pencils offer artists the versatility to experiment with various techniques. The 4 mm break-resistant leads ensure longevity, allowing one to focus on the artwork without interruptions.
  • Ideal for a range of subjects, these pastel tones are particularly well-suited for creating soft, dreamy atmospheres in landscapes, capturing the delicate nuances of portraits, and adding a touch of elegance to botanical illustrations. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding enthusiast, the Brustro Set of 36 Pastel Tone Colour Pencils is designed to inspire and enhance your artistic expression.


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